Why You Should Use An Elongated Pickleball Handle

Why You Should Use An Elongated Pickleball Handle

An often overlooked aspect of player performance is the pickleball paddle's handle length. This guide delves into the benefits of elongated handle paddles, a choice that could revolutionize your game.

Understanding Pickleball Paddle Handles

Pickleball paddles come in various designs, but it's the handle length that can significantly affect gameplay. Elongated pickleball handles offer advantages over standard handles, providing players with extended reach, better control, and the ability to execute a powerful two-handed backhand.

The Advantages of Elongated Handles

1. Increased Reach
The primary benefit of an elongated handle is the additional reach it provides. This extra length can be crucial during volleys and serves, allowing players to cover more court space effectively.

2. Enhanced Two-Handed Backhand
For players accustomed to tennis, an elongated handle facilitates a two-handed backhand, offering more power and stability. This grip adjustment can lead to more forceful and controlled backhand shots.

3. Improved Leverage and Control
The longer handle allows for better leverage during swings, enhancing shot precision. Players can maneuver the paddle with greater ease, improving their ability to place shots accurately.

Choosing the Right Elongated Handle Paddle

Selecting a paddle involves considering weight, material, and grip size, alongside handle length. Players should seek paddles that complement their play style, with elongated handles offering a blend of reach and control suited for both aggressive and strategic players.

Transitioning to an Elongated Handle Paddle

Adjusting to an elongated handle may require practice. Incorporate specific drills to adapt to the longer grip, focusing on extending your reach and refining your two-handed shots.

Elongated handle pickleball paddles offer a competitive edge, enhancing reach, power, and control. This guide aims to inspire players to explore the advantages of elongated handles, potentially transforming their approach to the game.