Soccer Balls - Adult, Youth, & Junior Sizes

Eco-Friendly Soccer Balls (Non Toxic Soccer Balls)

The new collection of Eco Sports soccer balls includes multiple sizes to accommodate players of all ages and skill levels - from recreational play to competitions. Each ball is built with entirely vegan, biodegradable, and eco-friendly materials. Our sizes range from 3-5, meaning as soon as a child can take their first steps, there is a ball perfect for their size! Each ball is extremely durable, designed using a vegan layer design to ensure the ball won't tear or rip nearly as easily as some popular name brand balls. 

  • Made with TPU: Environmentally-Friendly Vegan Material
  • Produced Using Moisture Resistant, High-Quality Vegan Materials
  • Durable Enough for Inclement Weather & Long-Lasting
  • Sizes 3,4, and 5 for All Ages
  • Great for Grass or Turf Play
  • Marked with Official Eco Sports logo
  • Shipped from California

Vegan (Cruelty-Free) Soccer Balls for All Ages

Eco Sports is committed to making a positive change in the world, and this line of soccer balls contributes to environmental sustainability. Each part of the ball - the cover, lining, bladder, and stitches - is made of vegan and biodegradable materials that help contribute to making the environment better. After using an Eco Sports ball during a big win in the season, it’s not just a win on the field, it’s a win knowing that the eco-friendly materials inside the ball are making a positive impact on the world.