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The Best Performing Eco Friendly Sporting Goods

Eco Sports Mission is to replace leather in sports. But why stop there, we want to eliminate toxic plastics like PU, PVC, & Microfibers as well. We use vegan faux leather made of TPU. Our material is Biodegradable, Recyclable, Non-toxic, Chemical Free (BPA, Lead, & Phthalates Free). Sports is the best way we know how to make a positive impact on this planet!

  • Schools & Camps

    Eco Sports has partnered with many schools and camps. With a growing demand for sustainablility in schools, the athletic department is a new innovative way to meet schools climate goals

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  • Cruelty-Free Sports

    Sports is surprisingly a large contributor to animal cruelty and deforestation of our planet. By working with companies like PETA, you know our products never use any animal products. No Leather, No PVC, No Microfibers.

  • Eco-Friendly Balls

    Yes, We are carbon neutral. And we offset our shipping. We are climate pledge friendly in real life and online. We work with Climate Partner to make sure we are doing our part for mother nature and you!

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With a soccer ball for all ages.. Size 3 soccer ball, size 4 soccer ball, and size 5 soccer ball, our eco friendly soccer balls are perfectly designed for optimal ball flight and control making dribbling passsing and shooting easy.

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Crafted for Performance

Play Bball Like The Pros

Each Basketball is designed for fun and performance. The 29.5 Basketball is perfect for ballers over 12. The 28.5 basketball is the best for womens basketball or boys ages 8-12. The 27.5 basketball is awesome for kids learning how to play basketball!

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Replacing Leather For Good

Reinventing the Leather Wheel

Footballs are meant to be thrown, caught and touch-downed. Not meant to cause harm. Our size 7 football, size 6 football, and size 5 football are all cruelty-free using a biodegradable vegan leather. Oh yeah and they feel like any other football!

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  • Leather has a 7x More Climate impact than syntheic leather
  • Throwing a cow hide in the garbage has a smaller climate impact than turning it into leather
  • A ball made of cow skin leather requires about 14 times more water to be used on farm and in processing
  • A couple leather balls requires the amount of water someone would drink over almost 24 years
  • About 1,000 square metres of biodiverse land must be cleared or kept cleared for 1-2 leather Basketballs
  • A couple leather balls is equal to burning 200lbs of coal
  • 2 Million Cats and Dogs are killed every year just for leather
  • https://circumfauna.org/data
  • Eco Sports Uses a Biodegradable TPU Vegan Leather
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