Official Eco Basketball

Vegan & Cruelty-Free, Sustainable Design
Vegan outdoor volleyball

Eco Pure Volleyball

Designed for Indoor/Outdoor Play

Eco Soccer Ball

High-Quality Materials, Durable Construction

what makes eco sports different?

Sporting goods manufacturing consumes mass amounts of leather and toxic materials adversely impacting our planet and its inhabitants. Eco Sports is on a mission to design and produce high-quality sporting equipment using eco-friendly, biodegradable TPU - a long-lasting material that is both vegan and sustainable. Our sports balls are eco-friendly without sacrificing quality or durability.

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I loved this basketball so much I ordered a second one to have on in my car at all times.



The volleyball has a high quality feel. I would have never known it wasn't leather if Eco Sports didn't tell me.



One of the best outdoor basketball I have used. I know its meant for Indoors but it can used for both!


Rebecca Schaefer

I bought this soccer ball for my son. He loves soccer but also cares about the environment. Love that eco sports cares too.


Dave JAL

I bought some balls as gifts for my niece's and nephew's. I was able to tell them we donated to some incredible Charities with our purchase. I told them they donated to a good cause today.