Vegan Leather Pee Wee Football Balls Size 5 Ages 9 & Under

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Vegan Leather Pee Wee Football Balls Size 5 Ages 9 & Under
Vegan Leather Pee Wee Football Balls Size 5 Ages 9 & Under
Vegan Leather Pee Wee Football Balls Size 5 Ages 9 & Under
Vegan Leather Pee Wee Football Balls Size 5 Ages 9 & Under
Vegan Leather Pee Wee Football Balls Size 5 Ages 9 & Under

Cruelty-Free Pee Wee Footballs For Sale

The smallest available size for the Power football is now released for ages 9-12, making it the first football targeted towards agee 9 & Under made out of completely eco-friendly and vegan products. The football is specifically designed to fit the hands of 9-12 year olds meaning they will have no trouble gripping the non-slip grip vegan leather and throwing the perfect spiral each pass.

Eco-Friendly Size 5 Footballs For Ages 9 & Under

The Size 5 eco football is constructed of high quality, durable, vegan leather that is proven to hold up over repeated use. It is also built to play in any sort of weather, even torrential downpour, meaning the ball will not get ruined if forgotten outside in the middle of the night. Along with the weather, the vegan leather also supports nicks and tears, meaning no matter how rough you may play, the Eco Sports Power football will always look as good as new. Also most balls are made from a real leather or PU leather which is toxic and can cause respiratory problems in kids.

Best Footballs For Competition & Easy Throwing

By being the smallest size available, the environmentally friendly Power football is extremely easy to throw as the vegan leather and laces support the hand all the up until the ball is released. This is essential for kids ages 9 & Under learning how to throw, because a proper ball is needed to teach such an important skill. This ball can also be used in games, as well as practicing on your own. 

Key features:

  • Environmentally friendly, manufactured with sustainable materials
  • No Toxic Chemicals
  • High quality design and materials
  • Made with moisture resistant high quality vegan leather; suitable for inclement weather
  • Easy to grip texture and extruded laces for consistent throws and catches
  • Size 9 for high school age through adult
  • Durable, long-lasting construction and materials
  • Ideal for grass or turf play
  • Marked with official Eco Sports logo
  • Shipped from California


Age Football Size

Football Weight

Ages 9 and under

Size 5

10 Ounces
Ages 10-12

Size 6

11 Ounces
Ages 12-14

Size 7

12.5 Ounces
Ages 14 & up

Size 9

14-15 Ounces
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