Why Switch to Eco Sports?

If you could use more sustainable, eco-friendly materials.... WITHOUT compromising performance and price... WHY WOULDN'T YOU? Why wouldn't everyone switch?

We promise to use only the best available resources that take the least amount of impact on our planet and our animals, to guarantee that you can beat anybody in the world using our products. We have been proving it time and time again that our products are as good (if not better) than traditional market balls and sporting goods.

Troy Akin - CEO

Troy founded Eco Sports with a passion to bring more sustainability to sports. Whether it's pre production or the end life of ball, there is a more eco friendly way to do sports. Without compromising his vegan values, Eco Sports never uses leather, but only uses Non Toxic Eco Friendly materials that give the same feel & play for every sport.

Paul Akin - CFO

"After running a multi-million dollar company in San Francisco doing over a billion dollars in Volume, I wanted to use my expertise and love for sports to do something impactful. I want to continue to create a better world for my 3 kids and my ever growing list of grandchildren."

A Note From Our Manufacturing Team.

"The material we use for all products are eco friendly. In The US we conform to CPSIA standard, in EU we conform to CE and REACH standard, and in South America are conform to CE standard.

The package material we used including white soft paper, cardboard display box, & home compostable packaging. 

 We never use real leather or animals in our products.

We have air purification facility which can purify the waste gas from the printing lines."