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Pickleball Paddle Info

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16mm 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Selkirk Halo 16mm

PRO XR Zane 14mm






8 Ounces

7.8 Ounces

7.8 Ounces


Flax Fiber

Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber

The Carbon Killer - Better For Your Game | Better For The Planet

Are You A Store & Club Looking To Add "The Carbon Killer"?

Wholesale Pickleball Paddle

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Who Can Benefit? Clubs, Stores, Coaches, & Schools

Pickleball Clubs & Leagues: Equip your players with top-tier, eco-friendly paddles.
Retailers: Expand your sports equipment line with our sustainable and high-demand paddles.
Coaches: Having a unique responsibility of influence... teaching them the right fundamentals expands beyond just form & technique. Teach them everyday purchases like Pickleball Paddles has an impact.
Schools: Pickleball demand at schools is growing everyday. Having performance and plant fiber paddles is a great way to teach students they can achieve great things without compromising sustainability.
Eco-Conscious Players: Make a green choice without compromising on quality or performance.