Who Invented Volleyball & When Was It Invented?

Who Invented Volleyball & When Was It Invented?

Volleyball is a popular game around the world, as it’s versatility allows the game to be played in any setting. Whether it’s at the volleyball courts, the beach, or a makeshift court in your parent’s living room, volleyball is an entertaining game that can be played for hours on end. The game of volleyball was first created by William G. Morgan, a Springfield College graduate who came up with the idea of volleyball after pursuing a career as a P.E. director at the Holyoke, Massachusetts YMCA. He first wanted to create a game similar to tennis, but didn’t like the complexity of racquets and other equipment, so that idea was scrapped. He decided that hands, instead of racquets, would be used to hit the ball over the net.

When Was Volleyball Invented?

William G. Morgan thought of the idea of volleyball when he was a director of physical education at the Holyoke, Massachusetts YMCA. in 1895. It was just 4 years after Morgan’s friend James Naismith, who had also attended Springfield College, invented the sport of basketball. Initially, the rules were vastly different from the rules today, as the net was lower, games were longer, and there was no limit of players on the court. Some other minor differences include no limit in hits per side, a smaller court (25x50 feet opposed to 29.5x59 feet), and a served ball can be hit again on the same side to get it over the net. 

When was volleyball invented?

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