How Often Should I Replace My Pickleball Paddle

How Often Should I Replace My Pickleball Paddle

Wondering How Often You Should Replace Your Pickleball Paddle?

A good paddle can last a life time but grit has quickly become one of the hottest topics in pickleball paddles. Perhaps you have any seen the statistics that close to 25% of your grit wears out after the first couple hits and 50% of the grit wears out after the first 10 hits. So a lot of the spin is gone after a couple months of playing.

An Advanced Player should replace their paddle every 2-4 months.

If you are more a weekend warriors but also love other sports like basketball or football and dont play every day your paddle will last you a lot longer. The paddle will always be usable unless you actually break the paddle. And for intermediate paddles spin is not as much as a factor. 

An Intermediate Player Should replace their paddle every 6 Months - 1 Year

For people just picking up pickleball the paddle has less importance and more value on just getting out and playing. Learning the rules and learning the strategy is the most important. No body wants to play with some one who steps in the kitchen all the time. Most paddles will work for you and spin should not be on your mind. If you use your paddle once a month or less your paddle will be just fine when you dust it off the shelf again. They are built to last and wont go "dead" like tennis strings or go flat like a soccer ball. 

A Beginner Player Should Replace Their Paddle When They Become Intermediate

Really the decision to change paddles is on you. Obviously if you play more you should upgrade your paddle more often. Some paddles like Flax Fiber paddles last longer than paddles like Carbon fiber or Fiber Glass but all those paddles with last a long time. Some players play a more spinny game and need the extra grit. 

Tips To Lengthen the Life of Your paddle

1. Clean the grooves with a rubber eraser

2. Keeping your paddle in a cover in your bag to avoid taking a beating from balls or other paddles while traveling. 

3. Try not to leave it out in the sun for multiple days.

4. They say dont tap your partners paddle in celebration but we think should. You play to win the game.

How Do I Test New Paddles?

Some stores like the Santa Monica Pickleball Center carry a wide variety of Demos that you can take out. They charge $5 a Demo and if you buy the paddle it goes towards your purchase. Companies like Eco Sports has a 30 day satisfaction guarantee meaning that if you don't like your paddle you can send it back.