How Much Do Football Player Weigh Position by Position

How Much Do Football Player Weigh Position by Position

How Big Are Football Players?

We often think of a big, strong, and athletic person when we think of football players. Most of the time, this is an accurate description. Football players, however, do range in size and build, depending on their position and what level they play. Here are some interesting statistics regarding the size of professional football players:

Quarterback Weight

The quarterback may be considered the most important player on the field. Still, you don’t necessarily have to be the biggest, strongest, or fastest player on the field to be successful at that position. The NFL features quarterbacks that stand from 5’9’’ to 6’6’’ with various builds.

The average size of an NFL Quarterback is:

Height: 75.43 in

Weight: 224.97 lbs

Defensive and Offensive Linemen Weight

The biggest guys on the field are usually the offensive and defensive linemen. Because their main job is to create a wall with their bodies and forcefully move other players around. They usually end up being the biggest guys on a football team.

The average size of NFL defensive and offensive linemen is:

Avg. Height: 76.75 in

Avg. Weight: 314.16 lbs

Linebackers Weight

Linebackers need to balance between being big and physical enough to handle offensive linemen but quick enough to cover a receiver running downfield. These are usually the second biggest position of players behind the linemen.

The average size of an NFL linebacker is:

Height: 74.04 in

Avg. Weight: 244.64 lbs

Tight End Weight

Tight ends are usually the biggest players that are considered a receiver. These guys take on the task of blocking pass rushers. They are also eligible receivers and on average, have similar but slightly larger measurements to linebackers.

The average size of an NFL tight end is:

Avg. Height: 76.54 in

Avg. Weight: 254.26 lbs

Running Back Weight

Running backs range in size as well, based on their running style. Larger backs are often used for short-yardage situations, and smaller backs are often used for their speed and shiftiness.

The average height of an NFL running back is:

Avg. Height: 70.73 in

Avg. Weight: 214.48 lbs

Wide Receiver Weight

Similar to quarterback, the wide receiver position is a position where you will see a huge range of body types at the professional level. Some shorter speedsters and guys, and then other guys that can catch a ball 12 feet in the air. 

The average size of an NFL wide receiver is:

Avg. Height: 72.40 in

Avg. Weight: 200.32 lbs

Defensive Back (Corner) Weight 

Speed is crucial at the defensive back position. It makes sense that defensive backs would be similar in size to wide receivers because those are the guys they usually match up with. However, a player still needs to be tall enough to deal with some of the larger eligible receivers on the field. 

The average height of a defensive back is:

Avg. Height: 71.69 in

Avg. Weight: 200.10 lbs