Holiday Sports Bundle- Sporting Goods Package Deal

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Size: Adult (Size 7 Football - Size 7 Football - Size 5 Soccer Ball)


Football Basketball Soccer Bundle!

Eco Sports is creating a package deal that sells all 3 sports for a discounted price. Whether you are a competitive athletes or a young athlete just messing around in the backyard, Eco Sports balls are perfect for you. With a Biodegradable, Non-Toxic, Cruelty-Free Material, these balls are better for planet earth than other ball out there. They are also perform just like any ball you've ever played with. 

Different Sizes of Balls For Different Levels
  1. Kids: Pee Wee Football (Size 5), Kids Basketball (27.5), Kids Soccer Ball (Size 3)
  2. Youth/Junior: Junior Football (Size 6), Womens/Intermediate Basketball (28.5) Youth Soccer Ball (Size 4)
  3. Age 12 & UP: Intermediate Football (Size 7), Men's Basketball (29.5), Adult Soccer Ball (Size 5)


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