Is Football Getting Safer & Should I Let My Kid Play?

Is Football Getting Safer & Should I Let My Kid Play?

One of the growingly controversial topics surrounding the game of football is the aspect of safety. Because of the nature of the sport, intense collisions between players are inevitable, which can cause concern for players and everyone else involved. Injuries happen in every sport, but football has made great strides at every level to make the game safer for everyone.

Best Ways to Get Your Kid Started Playing Football

A very important factor in keeping players safe is simply making sure they are playing against competition at their own level. Most football leagues have different divisions between weight and age groups, which helps make sure that younger players are kept safer during a game.

A great option if you want your kid to learn the skills and basics of football, but worry about the physical nature of the sport is flag football. This version of the game has fewer players on the field, and players are considered down after a flag is removed from their belt instead of being tackled. This safer version of the sport is a great way to introduce younger players and minimize contact while still elevating their skill level.

Safety Tips for Young Football Players

Football is by nature, an extremely physical sport. However, numerous attempts have made the game safer while still maintaining its natural physicality.

Tackling is a huge part of football, and any time two players run into each other, there is a risk of injury. A good tackle is both effective and safe, so having proper mechanics when tackling is good for your body, and your team.

When tackling, never lead with your head. Not only are you likely to get penalized, but making contact with another player with your head first is extremely dangerous. To tackle another player safely, you should always attempt to tackle them by leading with your shoulder first and wrapping your arms around the other player while taking them to the ground.

Another good thing to think about before playing is how you prepare yourself before the game. A great way to stay safe during a football game is by being hydrated and warming up before playing. Drinking lots of water and hydrating fluids before a game helps you stay energized and safe during a game.

Warming up is a great idea before any physical activity. It greatly reduces the risk of injury and helps you get focused before an athletic event. Getting the blood flowing to your muscles and stretching out before a game prepares your body for activity and reduces the risk of muscle strains and tears. Having an effective and consistent warmup routine is a great way to ensure you are ready to go come game time.