Beach Volleyball

How To Deflate A Volleyball?

How To Deflate A Volleyball?

Steps to Deflating A Volleyball

Deflating Volleyball to make it smaller or storing it is possible by following a few straightforward steps. A needle from an air pump can be used to remove air from a volleyball quickly and easily. If the volleyball has to be a specific size, remove the air slowly, often checking if the ball has reached the proper size. Or, you can completely deflate a volleyball quickly for easy storage. Deflating an exercise ball to make it smaller or storing it is possible by following a few elementary steps.

Step 1
Buy a needle for inflation. In general, most balls require an available purpose needle. However, if you are unsure of the size of the valve in your sphere, take it with you when buying your needle to make sure you have purchased the correct size.

Step 2
Locate the valve in your sphere. The valve is the small hole in the wall that allows access to the internal elastic bladder. A thin adjustable circle usually surrounds it. The valve is generally positioned immediately above or below the size and weight information in a basketball or soccer ball. In a football, the valve can be located centrally, above, or below the laces.

Step 3
Lubricate the valve with a bit of water or saliva.

Step 4
Insert the oily needle slowly and at right angles to the ball. When you hear the whistle of air released from the ball, hold the needle in this position. Hold the ball tightly to draw in air and prevent the needle from breaking.

Step 5
Once the ball has reached the desired deflation level, slowly remove the needle and store it securely.

Tips and Warnings To Deflating a Beach Volleyball

Do not stick sharp objects, such as nails or knives, into the inflation hole, damaging the volleyball. Deflating a ball like a volleyball or basketball entirely can cause damage to the balls outside panels. Slowly reduce so you can see if the panels begin to pull away from the ball. And also, got to a deflate volleyball? Volleyball is no fun with a flat ball. By considering quality, design, built, accuracy, compatibility, portability, efficiency, and cost, we've compiled a list of the top 5 volleyball ball pumps for you to deflate volleyball!


The REVIVAL Ball Pump is suitable for volleyball deflation. This pump stands out because of its double-action functionality, allowing air to be pumped with both pushing and pulling actions. With this functionality, it will deflate your balls faster, so you have more time to play. Its flexible hose reduces the potential strain and damage on the ball valve when pumping. You can use this pump for most balls like volleyballs but also footballs, soccer balls, and rugby balls


Valiant Sports Ball Pump Deflator is a two-way hand-held portable ball air pump with a dual-action mechanism to make deflation easier and faster.


The Torre Smart Ball Pump is a reliable, durable, and accurate ball pump with auto and manual modes. In auto mode, this pump will accurately deflate to your target pressure. The pressure readings are displayed using high-quality LEDs that are visible in bright sunlight.