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Men’s Basketball For Sale

Eco Sports’ brand new full size men’s basketball made entirely of environmentally friendly products is now for sale. The highly anticipated design of vegan and biodegradable products is now released in 29.5”, which is ideal for players from High School and above. The design provides a grip that is strongly recommended and supported by players and allows for the perfect shot at the buzzer. This ball is highly versatile and can be taken anywhere, whether it’s a pickup game in the driveway or a high school state championship basketball game.

29.5” Basketball (Size 7 Adult Size Basketball)

The mens ball comes in one size, 29.5”. All Eco Sports balls are 29.5 inches  covered by a protective layer, meaning that this ball will be able to withstand the biggest and strongest players who play the game the roughest. This ball is able to be thrown against the toughest of surfaces without noticing a scratch to the eco-friendly design. This size is perfect for the players ages 14+.

NBA Basketball, NCAA Basketball, High School Basketball For Guys

Since this basketball is the largest on the market, it is generally targeted towards older boys because of their size. This ball is a must have for high school players all the way up to NBA players. Many College Basketball players actually help test the first Eco Sports Basketball. The eco-friendly products provide a feeling that these players love, and make it especially easy to control the ball dribbling up the court.

Key features:

  • Made With TPU: Environmentally friendly Vegan material
  • Easy to grip texture providing smooth shots and passes
  • Size 29.5” for men ages 15+
  • High Quality, Durable, long-lasting construction and materials
  • Indoor or outdoor play
  • Marked with official Eco Sports logo
  • Shipped From California

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