Collection: Kids Eco Basketballs - 27.5 Basketball Balls

Kids Basketball For Sale

Eco Sports continues it’s new line of basketballs with the release of the eco-friendly kids basketball targeted for both boys and girls ranging from the ages of 9-11. This ball features entirely vegan products, making it the perfect ball on the market to preserve the environment. This means kids will have the feeling of knowing they are helping the environment while also having the ability to perfect their skills using a long lasting and durable basketball.

27.5” Basketball

This basketball comes in the size of 27.5”, meaning it is the perfect fit for a kid looking to try the game for the first time. It weighs 17 oz, making it significantly lighter than the typical basketball used at competitive, older levels. The weight allows an easy segue into more advanced basketball, as this ball made of biodegradable products is perfect for kids aged 9-11 just starting out. 

Kids and Junior Size for Boys and Girls

Eco Sports intentionally designs it’s products to fit the needs of the buyer, so this ball specifically fits the interests of kids. It’s small, has a very strong grip, and is extra durable to be able to withstand the unpredictable actions of little kids. This ball targets both young male and female athletes, and it’s a ball to both showcase your skills on the court and practice with on the driveway.

Key features:

  • Made with TPU: Environmentally friendly Vegan material
  • Easy to grip texture providing smooth shots and passes
  • Size 27.5” for ages 9-11
  • High Quality, Durable, long-lasting basketball balls
  • Great for both Indoor or Outdoor play
  • Marked with official Eco Sports logo
  • Shipped From California