Why The NBA Switched Balls

Why The NBA Switched Balls

Wilson is the New Spalding in the NBA

For years, Spalding has been the Official Game Ball of the NBA. But that all changed this season when the NBA decided to switch things up and go with Wilson as their new Official Game Ball. So why the change? Let's take a look.

When it comes to basketballs, there are two main types of leather: genuine leather and composite leather. Genuine leather is made from animal skin (who knows from which animal, there are no regulations) while composite leather is made from a synthetic material and scraps of leftover leather. The Wilson basketball is made from composite leather, which means it's more durable and longer lasting than a ball made from genuine leather. For this reason, the NBA decided to switch to Wilson balls this season. In addition, Wilson balls are said to have better bounce and grip than Spalding balls, which makes them more suitable for use in pro games.

What does this mean for you?

Switch-ups like this one can be tough for players to get used to at first. But eventually the players will adjust. After all, they are said to be more durable and have better bounce and grip. So if the NBA does decide to make a switch again in the next couples years to an Eco Sports Basketball, in due time players will love it. 

The NBA has officially switched from Spalding to Wilson as their Official Game Ball. The players didn't love it at first but now they have grown to like it. Unfortunately the NBA still uses leather in their basketballs. Leather is an outdated material, which we have created much better vegan leather to replace it. Not to mention animal agriculture is one of the biggest contributors to climate change.