Why Is Soccer So Popular?

Why Is Soccer So Popular?


It is a player's game.  Futbol is a player's game first and foremost, not a coach’s game.  A coach’s job is primarily played out during the training sessions. They have to analyze the team's strengths and weaknesses and plan practice sessions accordingly.  During the game time, it's all players.  There are no plays, and anyone can score, as is evident by US Goalkeeper Tim Howard's 102-yard goal.  Everyone on the pitch has an opportunity to handle the ball.  Everyone on the pitch has the opportunity to decide what to do with the ball!


It’s easy to play. The game of futbol is an easy game to play. You need friends, a ball, and some space. In the Turks and Caicos, we see people using an empty lot covered with gravel and rocks. El Salvador uses the streets. England uses abandoned lots. Belize uses the beach. And for goals, 2 x 4s tied or nailed together work just fine, or just throw down some sweatshirts. For a ball, a tied bundle of rags, or an old soccer ball, or even a coconut is sufficient. There are no plays, as in most American sports. The players are the focus of the game of futbol, not the coaches.  Players can play with 3 vs. 3 or 11 vs. 11. Players can play with or without goalies. Except for shin guards or sometimes cleats, there is no expensive equipment to buy.  If a player can move and kick, they can play soccer.  A goal is worth 1 point. Not six points, or three, or even two points.  You score a goal and it's worth one point.


It’s relatively inexpensive. Soccer is relatively inexpensive compared to other sports. Polo, for example, seems expensive. First, you need a horse. Then you need somewhere to keep it, and something to haul it around with. I'm not sure, but that all has to be very expensive! Yachting is another one that I imagine is a very expensive sport. American Football can be very expensive also (the equipment, the number of coaches in the staff, and the insurance can all add up). High school football boasts approximately $75 per player to outfit and insure. The average high school soccer program only needs approximately $15 per player to outfit and provide insurance. Futbol is played all over the world in the streets, parking lots, empty spaces, the beach, everywhere. All you need is a ball and your feet!

Playable In All Conditions

Soccer is predominately played outdoors, but the weather does not have to be ideal to play the sport. Some matches take place in the snow, in the pouring rain, or at temperatures well over 100 degrees.


Having a sport that is playable at all times helps to grow the game. There are more opportunities for younger players to learn the game, and fans do not have to worry about potential postponement or cancellations nearly as much as some of the other sports out there.

National Pride

No sport brings sparks up national pride quite like soccer. Part of the reason why it has exploded globally is that there are so many different countries who believe they have a genuine chance of being a World Cup champion. Teams from all continents represent their countries in the biggest event every four years. There are also competitions within certain regions that allow teams to be the best from that area.


Fits Nicely Into Any Schedule

As sporting events become longer and longer, soccer has stayed pretty much the same for decades. That is because there are no timeouts or stops in the middle of a match, and it consists of two, 45-minute halves. Yes, there is a halftime and stoppage time at the end of each half, but every match is going to fit in that two-hour window pretty nicely.

Professional Leagues Everywhere

They are always going to be the richest and most powerful club teams in the world that have a ton of fans. Go to any continent, and there will be jerseys representing FC Barcelona, Manchester United, Bayern Munich, and more. However, apart from many other sports, even less successful teams got a lot of passionate fans, even if they might not get that much respect globally.

A Team Sport With Massive Individual Stars

Soccer is all about the team, but that does not mean that there are not some true superstars in the game. It might just be the team sport that allows for a star player to be marketed more than any other option out there.

Rich History

 Some early version of soccer has been around for centuries, but it did not start to take shape as the modern game until The 1850s. That still makes it one of the oldest sports, and with a World Cup that takes place every four years since 1930, it has built up quite a bit of history as well. Everyone living today has grown up with soccer being a huge part of sports.