Why Do Volleyball Players Tape Their Fingers

Why Do Volleyball Players Tape Their Fingers

Finger tapping is the process of applying athletic tape directly to the skin of the finger to aid in the finger's stability. This helps to reduce unexpected or painful finger movement, which could result in further damage and pain. When done correctly, volleyball finger taping provides the following advantages:


If you've ever hit one of your fingers on a table or a wall, you know that a brutal hit to the finger can be painful, and the pain can last for quite some time while the finger heals. This is why volleyball players require a little extra strength when playing.

Hitting a volleyball can be quite taxing on the fingers, especially since they have no layer of defense. Taping your fingers together is one way to strengthen them. This is referred to as "buddy taping."

Tape your fingers in the following manner to give them extra strength:

Fold a piece of gauze in half and place it between the two fingers you want to tape together. This reduces the possibility of friction or discomfort during the game.

Hold your two fingers together while rolling the athletic tape around your fingers, starting at the base, while keeping the gauze firmly in place. Make sure not to apply the tape too tightly, as this can cut off circulation in the fingers or make you uncomfortable during the game.

Wrap an extra piece of athletic tape around the finger joints.

If you want to protect your nails, add a strip of tape running just over the tips of your fingers.


Blockers and hitters are the ones who suffer the most when their fingernails break off in Volleyball. If you practice and compete frequently, you may benefit from taping your fingers to protect the nail.

Nails that break at the tip or in the finger bed, or that bleed, can put your hands under a lot of strain, and the pain can be excruciating. Taping your fingers for extra strength is not the same as taping your fingers specifically to protect the nail.

Tape your fingers in the following manner to protect your nails:

Use pieces of tape that are about 3 inches long.

Attach one end of the strip just above your fingertip (the fingerprint area).

Pull the strap around your fingertip, down over your nail, and onto your finger. Make sure to apply the tape to the fingernail area.

Wrap another 3-inch piece of athletic tape around the finger to keep the strip covering the nail securely in position.


It is sometimes best to keep a finger straight after being bent back or slightly swollen from impact during training. This is critical if you want to play Volleyball without injuring or causing pain to your already sensitive finger. The only way to stop the bending is to tape the finger in a crisscross pattern on the back of the joint.

Tape your finger to keep it from bending while playing Volleyball:

Wrap the tape around the finger carefully, starting from the outside. Begin the tape just above the knuckle (1st joint).

Cross the tape diagonally over the knuckle and pull it across and under the finger to the opposite diagonal side after nearly one full wrap.

Wrap the tape around the top of the finger again. The finger will be unable to bend.