When Does Football Season Start? NFL, NCAA, & High School Football Season

When Does Football Season Start? NFL, NCAA, & High School Football Season

The end of Summertime can be a somewhat sad time of the year. Vacation season is over, school starts up again, the days get shorter, and the weather gets colder. But for football fans, Fall is one of the most exciting times because it's when the football season kicks off.

When Does the NFL Season Start?

The first NFL game of the year is widely celebrated by fans across the league. Whether or not your team is involved, many fans tune in to fill the void that has been there since last year's Super Bowl. The NFL kickoff game is usually scheduled for the first Thursday after Labor Day. The rest of the league's teams usually play the following Sunday and Monday.

The season's first game usually features the defending Super Bowl champions, so the 2022 season will begin on September 8th featuring the Los Angeles Rams.

When Does NCAA College Football Season Start?

While the NFL season starts after labor day, the college football season usually has its first games, sometimes called "week zero," on the Thursday before labor day. The schedule is usually light for week zero. The bulk of the nation's school's first games is played the following Saturday.

When Does High School Football Season Start?

Professional and college football have a more consistent start date than high school football. The latter ranges from state to state to coincide with school schedules. Most teams have their first games right around the time when everyone returns to school in the last few weeks in August or the first week in September. The beginning of "Friday night lights" is just as celebrated as the beginning of college or pro ball for many football fans.