What is AAU Basketball & What Does It Stand For?

What is AAU Basketball & What Does It Stand For?

AAU stands for the Amateur Athletic Union.

What Is AAU Basketball for Kids

AAU is a very popular option for all types of basketball players. It provides alternate competition to traditional high school and middle school leagues. AAU teams are composed of players from around a certain area, with exceptions to the best of the best teams who pool the top players from wherever they can. Skill levels in AAU tournaments range from young elementary school players just beginning their basketball careers to players who are being looked at by DI colleges by the time they are just 14 years old. With that being said, no player should be worried about being outmatched during play as there is a vast array of tournaments coaches can enter their team into. Even if a team is not the strongest, there will be a handful of teams with a similar situation, so every player and team is guaranteed a positive experience. 

AAU has grown to be very popular over the last few years. Many more teams and tournaments are popping up each day, due to the fact of how simple it is to create a team and join a tournament. If you have a group of friends wishing to play in a tournament, there is a good chance a gym near you will be holding a tournament that you can enter. Most AAU tournaments are similar in the fact where it is mainly a casual event that teams play in for fun, however some of the more serious teams play in leagues in addition to their tournaments, which creates some very exciting play as these teams are often more competitive as there is more on the line.

What Does AAU Stand For?

"Amateur Athletic Union." The AAU is not limited to just basketball, as sports such as hockey, baseball, football, track and field, and more are connected to the AAU. Similar to basketball, other AAU sports offer copious amounts of tournaments that teams can participate in. All in all, AAU basketball is a great option for all basketball players of all ages and skill levels as everyone can practice their skills in the large amounts of tournaments that are offered.