What Hand do You Wear a Baseball Glove On?

What Hand do You Wear a Baseball Glove On?

It is not always immediately obvious which hand you should wear your baseball glove. Some people are right-hand dominant, others have a dominant left hand, and a lucky few are ambidextrous and can interchangeably use either of their hands. Most gloves are specifically designed to be worn on either the right or left hand, although some gloves that will fit on either hand have been specially made for ambidextrous players.

Here are some basic things to know when you are figuring out which hand you should wear your glove on.

How to Properly Wear a Baseball Glove

The practice of wearing a glove on the non-dominant hand evolved early in baseball. Originally, the ball was typically caught using two hands. The big pocket that developed into the standard glove style made it easier to catch the ball using only one hand, letting players leave their other hand free to more effectively throw the ball. Since the introduction of baseball gloves to the sport, their use has become more common, and they have grown in size over the years. 

The first step in figuring out which hand you want to wear your glove on is finding your dominant hand. Baseball players normally wear their glove on the non-dominant hand, leaving their dominant side available to throw the ball. 

You probably know if you are right or left-handed already, but if not, just pick up and throw a baseball. Whichever hand you naturally pick up and throw the ball with is your dominant side, and you should wear your glove on the opposite hand. 

You may find that you prefer to use each hand equally and do not feel particularly more comfortable using either one. This probably means you are either ridiculously coordinated or ambidextrous, which is an absolutely huge asset in baseball. In this case, you can simply choose which hand you prefer to wear your glove on.