What Clothing Is Typically Worn In A Volleyball Game?

What Clothing Is Typically Worn In A Volleyball Game?

In Volleyball, the clothing or clothing evolved with new, more resistant, and much lighter materials; for the best performance in this sport to highlight the agility of our athletes, volleyball players wear T-shirts, shorts, socks, sports shoes, and knee pads during the game. As the contact with the ground is continuous, it is common to wear protection on the knees and elbows. At first glance, the Libero players can be immediately distinguished because they wear different colored clothing from their teammates.

For examples:

Indoor Volleyball
In a competitive game, indoor volleyball players wear jerseys with their last name and number in consecutive order from 1 to 20 on the back of each jersey. Women wear tight tops with spandex bike shorts. Men often wear tank tops with basketball-style shorts that go just above the knee pads, and lightweight athletic shoes with rubber or synthetic soles are worn by players—composite soles.

Beach volleyball
Beach volleyball players wear a uniform according to the weather (bathing suits). Women wear one or two-piece swimsuits. Men wear shorts and T-shirts that match style and color, although they do not have to be uniform to play US volleyball. Generally, the players are barefoot, but the referee allows socks when the sand is scorching. To avoid being blinded by the sun, players can wear hats and sunglasses.

Other implements We have like; The knee pads protect your knees from any lesson. The stabilizers protect the ankles from safeguarding an old lesson or preventing one. The sleeves protect the forearms from blows. In any volleyball, dressing for safety is the key. You should not wear jewelry, especially rings, because the ball can injure the fingers. If you must wear a ring, keep it simple with no protruding embellishments. Women should wear support bras and secure long hair in a ponytail or other style that keeps the hair out of the face. If necessary, you can wear elbow and knee girdles below the knee braces. Volleyball is a contact sport, so exercise caution if you wear glasses if you don't have sports glasses. No player may wear uniforms of a different color from his teammates, nor without the official numbers. If a change of wardrobe is necessary, the 1st referee may authorize one or more players:

*The jerseys of the players must always be numbered from 1 to18.
* Let them play barefoot,
* To change the wet clothes within six or after a substitution, provided that the new uniform's color, design, and number are the same for all.
* To play with training clothes if it is cold, as long as they are numbered and of the same color and design for the entire team.

It is illegal to use objects that could give an artificial advantage to the player or cause injury. And that players are allowed to wear glasses or contact lenses, but at their own risk.

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