What Are The Dimensions of a Volleyball Court - Men's & Women's Net Sizes?

What Are The Dimensions of a Volleyball Court - Men's & Women's Net Sizes?

A volleyball court looks relatively simple compared to other sports’ playing surfaces, as the basic design allows for little to no confusion for a new fan. A volleyball court is located on a hardwood gym floor, but the court is smaller than the entire area of the floor, allowing for a space called the “free zone,” which is considered out of bounds. The court itself is 29.5x59 feet, or 9x18 meters. This is much bigger than initial measurements laid out by volleyball inventor William G. Morgan, who had listed the measurements to be 25x50 feet when he first invented the sport back in 1895. The only lines on the court, (2 end lines, 2 attack lines, and center line) extend the entire width of the court, a full 29 feet and 6 inches. 

How Tall is a Volleyball Net?

In volleyball, the nets are different sizes for both men and women to account for the generally taller players in the mens sport. For men, the net size is 7’ 11⅝”, or 2.43 meters, while for women the net size is a little smaller at 7’ 4⅛” or 2.24 meters. The net was almost an entire foot shorter when Morgan invented the sport at 6’ 6”, allowing for a lot more spikes, exciting plays, and harder hit volleyballs as it was easier to reach above the net. The net height was later raised to 7’ 6” before being changed to what it is today. 

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