What are Baseball Gloves Made of?

What are Baseball Gloves Made of?

If you are shopping for a baseball glove, you will likely stumble across products made out of various materials. There are leather gloves and also synthetic leather options to choose from. Here is a little bit more about the different options. 

Traditional Leather Baseball Gloves

The earliest baseball gloves were made out of leather, and many are still made of this material today. The gloves were made out of leather because the tough material would hold up well and provide lots of protection for the user’s hand.

In general, a leather glove will work well, but the production process of this material also comes with its own drawbacks. The processes involved in leather production not only involves immense amounts of energy, but also an array of dangerous chemicals. These products also require the material to usually be sourced from a cow, which is a process that comes with its own set of environmental consequences. 

PU or PVC Synthetic Leather Baseball Mitts

Synthetic leather is another popular option you may stumble across when looking at the different materials available for baseball gloves. Synthetic leather has become popular over the years and is used in car seats, furniture, clothing, and various sports gear.

Good quality synthetic leather is durable, protective, and comparable to the real thing, so there are many gloves made out of this kind of material these days. 

Unfortunately, many synthetic products like those made of PU and PVC leather come with some drawbacks related to environmental impact. Many synthetic gloves are produced using harmful chemicals and inefficient methods, which can be dangerous and not eco-friendly.

Eco-Friendly TPU Synthetic Leather Baseball Gloves

An eco-friendly glove made out of TPU synthetic leather is an alternative to environmentally harmful options. A glove made from TPU synthetic leather has a look, feel, and toughness of a real leather one but is created using a solvent-free process in a way that is much safer and sustainable. 

Next time you are looking to purchase a baseball glove, you may want to consider a synthetic glove made from eco-friendly leather. Sustainability in sports is a growing trend, and you can always keep in mind the environmental impact of the products you buy, even sports gear!