Terms To Know For Volleyball

Terms To Know For Volleyball

Volleyball Terms

What Is An Ace In Volleyball

The term "Ace" means DIRECT POINT, and it refers to when a player serves the ball, and the opposing team is unable to pass it. An ace occurs when the ball hits the ground or is shanked off a passer, making a second touch impossible. Situations resulting in an Ace The most common reason for awarding an ace is when the served ball lands on the court in the opponent's court, untouched by any of the receiving players. It is also considered an ace if the ball is touched by a receiver and then passed to a teammate who cannot keep it in play. 

What Is a DS in Volleyball

DS means DEFENSIVE SPECIALIST. A defensive specialist, or DS, can substitute for any player and take a front or back row position. However, in theory, a DS enters a game to play a back-row role. The DS usually rotates through all three back-row positions before a frontline player replaces her. A team is only allowed 12 substitutions. Every time a DS comes into the game, it counts as one of the 12 substitutions. When the frontline player replaces the DS, it counts as one of the 12 allowable substitutions.

What Is A Lift In Volleyball

The term lift is every day as it can also be called a carry or a held ball. A lift in Volleyball is commonly called a held ball and is indicated by a referee lifting one hand with his palm up. "Lift" is sometimes also referred to as "Held" ball, that is, when a ball comes to rest on any part of your body. The hardest part to call a "Lift" is in the setting. When you make an illegal hit in Volleyball, you get called for foul play.

What Is The Libero In Volleyball

The Libero is a defensive player who can continuously enter and leave the field, substituting for any other players in a defensive position by rotation. He is easily recognizable because he dresses differently from the rest of the team.

Getting Tattooed or Facial

Getting tattooed is when a player cannot move out of the way of another player's opponent's hard-driven ball. A facial is a result of being struck in the face by a hard spike passing on a dime. A perfect pass or passing nails is passing on a dime.

Excellent Hands

Nice Hands is referred to a player setting the ball real cleanly. A player with excellent Hands rarely doubles the ball.

Picnic Ball or Jungle Ball

Jungle volleyball is a sport for inexperienced players with poor ball control. Volleyball of this type is typically played at church picnics or family barbeques.


Shagging is the act of picking up and collecting court-strewn volleyballs. After volleyball drills or pre-game warm-ups, Volleyball players shag.


A flipper is a type of ball play made by reaching out and contacting the ball with an outstretched hand—backhand in a flipping motion.


A Gator is a defensive digging technique popularized by beach volleyball players. The defense technique is used on hard-hit balls. Because the hands are intertwined, the game is known as a gator, shaped like two gator jaws. Two open hand digging volleyball skills involve first digging the ball with the bottom hand and then directing it with the top hand.

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