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Is Volleyball A Contact Sport?

Is Volleyball A Contact Sport?

Volleyball cannot be classified as a contact sport as the sport does not necessitate nor allow bodily contact between each participant, although it can happen. Instead, the terminology "contact" in Volleyball is mainly used to describe the handling of the ball.


First, the term "contact" has a different meaning in Volleyball, and it is used to describe how players handle the ball. Volleyball contact is also referred to as the "set," "pass," and "attack." Volleyball is a non-contact sport because it forbids physical contact between opposing players, primarily because participation in the game eliminates any possibility of physical interaction with the opposing team. And, while physical contact between opposing players isn't always a normal part of the game, "contacts" between players do happen occasionally.

Contact is most commonly made in Volleyball when a player is attempting to score a point through an attack or when a player is attempting to block the ball on the net. The "contact" occurs whenever a player makes an incorrect jump, resulting in the player making physical contact with another player. Juico has also explained why this scenario isn't a voluntary act on either side. The most important reason Volleyball is not a contact sport is that each team is separated by a net that prevents any player from one group from crossing to the other side. This alone makes any physical contact between opposing players in a volleyball game almost non-existent.


In Volleyball, there aren't many physical contacts between two teams. I think they usually don't come into bodily contact. Sometimes one player steps on another player's foot, but it happens rarely. Sometimes two players touch each other's fingers in the air, but it's also not frequent in Volleyball.

Players from the same team have contact during celebrations, but it's not considered a contact. 

For its part, Volleyball cannot be defined as a contact sport because it never allows for voluntary contact between players since all aspects of playing the game remove the possibility of interacting physically with the other team. Volleyball does not incorporate any actions that would have opposing players making contact as a means to play the game.


As mentioned above, contact is a term used in Volleyball to identify the handling of the ball in play. Since it appears over 45 times in the FIVB's RULEBOOK of Volleyball game, it is fair to say that the term contact is a core part of the rules of Volleyball. It would not be a stretch to say that the term "contact" is vital in Volleyball. What is the justification for this?

First, I would like to refresh our knowledge of volleyball rules. The main objective of Volleyball is to make a point by either successfully landing the ball on the opponent's court or when the opposing team commits a fault. To land a ball on the opponent's court, both teams have access to a maximum of 3 hits or contacts. Contact refers to the handling moves or 'hits' that players can use. These include the PASS/BUMP, the SET/VOLLEY, and the SMASH/ATTACK/HIT.


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