How to Find Pickup Basketball Games in Your Area

How to Find Pickup Basketball Games in Your Area

Part of the beauty of basketball lies in the fact that all you really need to play is a ball, a hoop, and someone to play with. There are many school, professional, and recreational leagues, but some of the best players to ever take the court developed much of their skill in pickup basketball games. A “pickup” game refers to any game that is not scheduled and planned, but instead takes place when players meet up at a court and decide to play a game.

Pickup basketball games:

These games regularly happen all over the place, but it may not be immediately obvious where to find one if you want to join in. It boils down to finding somewhere that you like to play, and a group who you enjoy playing with. 

Your best chance at finding a pickup basketball game is at a park or gym that has a basketball court, and to show up on a weekend or after work hours. If you show up to any decent basketball court in your area at a gym or park, you will most likely find some pickup games taking place. 

Most groups playing pickup basketball are welcome to newcomers, especially if you respect the process of picking teams, calling the next game, and follow the rules of the sport to the best of your ability. 

Another good idea when showing up to a pickup game is to bring your own basketball. There is nothing worse than playing a bunch of great pickup basketball, then the guy with the good ball leaves. 

If you are looking for the right basketball to start your pickup career, you may want to consider an eco friendly, non toxic basketball. By choosing a non toxic basketball, you can get the same quality of play, but still avoid chemicals and materials that harm our environment. Eco friendly basketballs contain synthetic leather that has the real feel and durability of leather without the environmental impact of genuine leather or other synthetic replacements.

You may want to consider the people who you are going to be playing with as well. A standard 29.5 basketball is your best option if the group of people you play with are high school to adult age. If you are in middle school or play with a women's ball often, then maybe 28.5 basketball is the right fit. If you are on the younger side, and play with a younger age group of people, you could consider getting a slightly smaller 27.5 youth basketball. A slightly smaller ball is a great option for younger players to play the sport while still being able to effectively handle the ball.