How To Draw A Baseball Glove

How To Draw A Baseball Glove

Intro - Baseball gloves are straightforward in their design—they are made to fit and protect the hand perfectly while being, of course, made to easily catch a baseball.

Their first use can be traced back as early as the 1860s, and over many years have developed into the style of glove we know and use today.

We have another article covering all the specifics of baseball gloves, so you should check that one out. However, have you ever tried to draw one? In this article, you can learn to draw a simple baseball glove. 

The main parts of a baseball glove you will draw are the fingers, the pocket, and the palm.

  • Draw the bottom of the glove. To form the base of the glove, simply draw a wide, U shaped curve. 
  • Draw the fingers of the glove. Above the curve, draw the five fingers. Make sure to draw four close together on the right side and then the thumb on the left. 
  • Add the gloves’ stitches. Stitches help keep the glove together and maintain its shape. So, next, let’s add stitches to our drawing of the glove. In between all the fingers, draw X-shapes. Next, along the curve we drew in Step 1, add several short lines for stitches.
  • Connect the thumb and the rest of the fingers. Baseball gloves have a webbing that connects the fingers and thumb and forms a cradle to catch the ball which is called the pocket. Draw some curved horizontal lines connecting the thumb and the finger as well as vertical lines to connect the two you just drew. 
  • Add some detail. Next, let’s add some detail to make it look more realistic. Add a few curved lines to show the shape of the palm. 
  • Customize it. Now you can get creative and add any other little details you would want on your own glove. 
  • Hopefully you enjoyed drawing your own baseball glove. If you want to try more sports drawing tutorials in the future, let us know! 

    Drawing a baseball glove