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How to Do a Rainbow in Soccer?

How to Do a Rainbow in Soccer?

The Soccer Rainbow is a classic soccer trick to do when showing off for your friends and to excite the fans and escape a defender in a soccer game!

The soccer rainbow is a flashy move that amazes the crowd and can double as an offensive tool to push the ball forward. It's a slightly tricky technique that involves using your foot to scoot the ball up your leg, then kicking it with your opposite heel so that it arcs neatly over your head.

Method 1 - Practicing the Rainbow While Stationary

  1. Dominant Foot pointed in the direction you want to go / Non-Dominant Foot Perpendicular to it

Use your dominant foot to roll the ball up your opposite leg. If you're right-handed, press the ball against your left ankle with your right foot. Raise your right foot and roll the ball up the side of your left leg. Do this quickly and with some force.

If you don't roll the ball up quickly and with force, it will drop back to the ground before you have time to complete the move.

2 Follow through with your foot. Once the ball rolls up to knee level, follow through with your foot so that the ball gets some air as it rolls off of your leg. You want the ball to be positioned just over your heel. So, if you used your right foot to roll the ball up your left leg, guide the ball off of your leg once it reaches the knee; it should float down just behind your left heel.

3 Land on your dominant foot as you kick the ball with your heel. Now the foot you used to roll the ball should land on the ground. At the same time, use the heel of your other foot to kick the ball upward with your heel. For right-handers, that means your right foot will hit the ground as your left heel kicks the ball, arcing it over your head.

This process must happen very quickly to work properly. Practice rolling and kicking over and over until you're able to move your legs fast enough to get it right.

You want to strike the underside of the ball in an upward motion to get it to arc up and over your head. Practice until the ball lands right in front of your body.

Lean forward a bit as you land and kick. This will help the ball move in the right direction.

Method 2 - Using the Rainbow on the Field

1 Dribble the ball fairly quickly towards a defender. You can use the rainbow to switch the direction of the ball right when a defender is trying to steal it.

2 Place your dominant foot's heel in front of the ball while leaning forward a bit. This is important because if you don't lean forward, the ball will go backward.

3 Bring your non-dominant foot behind the ball. The ball should now be positioned between your feet, ready for the rainbow technique to begin.

4 Use your dominant foot to sweep the ball up the opposite leg. Use a motion that will cause the ball to roll off the leg at the knee and drop down toward the heel.

5 Lean forward and kick the ball up with your heel. Do this as you land on your dominant foot. The ball should arc up and over the defender, and they will likely be confused about where it went, and you can run around the defender and continue moving with the ball.