How to Clean A Baseball Glove

How to Clean A Baseball Glove

A huge part of keeping your favorite baseball or softball glove in good shape is to keep it properly cleaned. Keeping a clean glove also keeps the glove looking good over time and will increase its longevity and performance over time. 

Here are a few tips you should know about properly cleaning your glove:

How to Clean a Glove

The initial step in cleaning your glove should always be to remove major dust and debris from the surface of the material. A dry brushing of your glove with a soft brush is a good way to remove unwanted material from the material's surface. You can even use a toothbrush to get into difficult-to-reach places as well.  

The next step is using a leather cleaner on a rag or sponge to clean the glove further and remove any dirt that is still left on the material. Some people even use shaving cream for this step. Make sure not to use too much leather cleaner or cream, and to pay special attention to crevices, under laces, and between the fingers. 

You do not need to use too much product to clean the glove, and a little goes a long way. Let the glove air dry after rubbing all of the excess cleaner off of the glove with a cloth or sponge.

Once the glove is completely dry, you should apply a leather conditioner or oil to the material. Much like the leather cleaner, apply the conditioner sparingly and evenly apply it to the glove using a sponge or soft rag. This will keep it looking good and help it remain pliable and last as long as possible.

Cleaning TPU Leather Gloves

TPU synthetic leather is highly durable. Most normal leather cleaning and conditioning products should work well on this type of material. However, you should always make sure that whatever cleaning and conditioning products you choose to use are compatible with your glove's specific material. Always test them on a small area first. 

When cleaning your synthetic leather glove, you can essentially follow the same steps used on any other glove. Good quality synthetic leather is very similar to genuine leather and can be cleaned in conditions similarly.


Hopefully, this helps you keep your glove looking and playing great!