How Much is A Good Baseball Glove? 

How Much is A Good Baseball Glove? 

If you have found yourself venturing into a new sport, whether as a parent of a young athlete, someone pursuing the sport yourself or in charge of purchasing gear for a team, you know that finding the right equipment can be quite a task. We live in a world where there are a thousand options for nearly everything, including baseball gloves. A quick search will make it immediately obvious that the price and quality of sports gear have a wide range. Here is a little more information on the cost you can expect for a good new baseball glove.

Eco-Friendly TPU Vegan Leather Baseball Glove 

An amazing alternative to the often harmful PU synthetic leather baseball gloves that flood the market are the eco-friendly TPU synthetic leather options. TPU synthetic leather is made using a solvent-free process, which has a greatly reduced impact on the environment when compared to processes used when treating PU synthetic and genuine leather products. These gloves typically come at a similar price point to their synthetic leather counterparts but come without a lot of drawbacks. Eco-friendly TPU leather baseball gloves provide an affordable, environmentally friendly, and durable option that any baseball player looking for a new glove should definitely consider. You can find a good Vegan Leather Baseball Glove from around $50 - $200

Leather Baseball Gloves 

At the highest price point of all the options are leather gloves. Leather has traditionally been used from the very invention of the baseball glove and, until recently, was the only option available. Leather gloves are durable and comfortable and, with proper care, can be a solid and long-lasting option for players to use. Leather baseball gloves range greatly in price but, on average, are the most expensive material option available, pricing at anywhere from $25 to $400.

PU Synthetic Baseball Glove 

The invention of rubber and plastic made it possible to create synthetic leather. These days, many sports gear products are made out of PU synthetic imitation leather. A good quality synthetic leather can hold up to lots of wear and tear, just like real leather. Unfortunately, many of the processes used in creating synthetic leather products like these are hazardous to the environment because of the solvents and chemicals used. While these gloves are some of the least expensive options out there and usually come in at a cheaper price point than real leather gloves, many synthetic options come with these big environmental drawbacks that should be considered when buying a new glove.  Definitely the cheapest option that you can find for $15 - $100


Those are a few things to expect when looking at the prices of different baseball gloves. Finding the perfect glove is always a matter of personal preference, so consider all of your options and choose the right one for you!