How Many Volleyball Players on a Volleyball Team For Women's & Men's Volleyball?

How Many Volleyball Players on a Volleyball Team For Women's & Men's Volleyball?

In Volleyball, there are 6 players on each team on the court at a time. However, there is a specific rotation and position each player must follow. Each team has a formation of 3 players in the front and 3 in the back, and each position has a name. They are the right back, right front, left back, left front, middle back, and middle front. The serving player is always located in the right back position. The players are required to move clockwise when your team wins the point when the other team has the serve. The way the rotation works is the player in the right front becomes the new server in the right back, and everyone else rotates one position clockwise.

Volleyball Positions

Despite the players moving around the court, each player has their own position that does not change. The positions consist of the setter, the outside hitter, opposite hitter, setter, middle blocker, libero, and defensive specialist. The libero is an interesting position because they wear a different jersey than the rest of the team, and a balanced player with skills of all the other positions. Each position is best at a certain court position. For instance, liberos are typically best at middle back, middle blockers in the middle front, outside hitters at the left front, setters at the right front, and defensive specialist anywhere in the back row. Although the players may be out of their best location for their specific position, each player is allowed to move to the ideal spot only after the server makes contact with the ball. However, the backcourt players can’t move to the net to block or spike, and they have to make all attacking moves from behind the attack line on the court. This rule is in place to prevent the skilled spikers from constantly spiking in all 6 court rotations. 

Image by 2017 Canada Summer Games {Image Source Here}

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