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How Many Quarters In Soccer?

How Many Quarters In Soccer?

A soccer game has two halves, not quarters. Each half in a regulation soccer game lasts 45 minutes. Some soccer organizations vary the time per half depending on the age and skill of the players.

When it comes to sports in the US, such as Basketball and American Football, the game is broken down into four quarters, allowing the players to take a break between each quarter. This gives them some time to rest and recover, as well as a chance to work on their tactics for the next quarter of the game.

Now there are quite a few people who are not too familiar with the sport of soccer and have been found to ask the question how many quarters in soccer? which is a very interesting question indeed. The fact of the matter is, when it comes to soccer, they don’t break it down into quarters at all.

Referees have the option of adding more time at the end of a half to make up for time used during player substitutions and other time-consuming activities between plays.

Once the referee blows for halftime, the players will return to the locker room, where they can rest and recover from the first half action, as well as having a team talk with the coach. Half time lasts for 15 minutes and the players will then return for the second half of 45 minutes. Again, at the end of the second half, the referee can add on a few minutes of stoppage time for events of the second half.

In between the two halves in a soccer game, there is an intermission. The length of the intermission is dictated by league rules. Some leagues have a time limit, such as 15 minutes, for the amount of time between halves.

There are four quarters of 15 minutes each in both indoor and youth soccer games. This allows for short periods of play between times of rest. Professional soccer games do not have quarters. Professional games are divided into two halves of 45 minutes each.

Professional and college soccer games are 90 minutes long and are broken up into two 45-minute halves. Extra time is played when a winner needs to be declared, such as in tournaments. Professional games also have added time. Younger age groups play less than 90 minutes and may play quarters.


Soccer games tend to go by pretty quickly, as the game length is predetermined and the clock is always running. With that said, there are many aspects that factor into added time, extra time, and how long soccer games are, to begin with.

So, the rules of soccer allow for a break after the teams have been playing for 45 minutes.

Halftime in soccer lasts for 15 minutes after which the players come back to the field and play the remaining 45 minutes of the game.

This half-time break allows the players to come together as a team with the coaching staff and discuss how the game is going and what, if anything, needs to change.