How Many Points Are A Free Throw Worth?

How Many Points Are A Free Throw Worth?

A Free Throw

is worth ONE POINT in a game. 

A team is given the opportunity to have a free throw when an opponent's player commits a foul. This can occur when a basketball player is fouled while attempting to shoot. If the player makes the basket and receives two points regardless of the foul, he or she will be given only one free throw. Some players call this "AND 1"

Even though we see incredible players in the NBA score from great distances, making a successful free throw is not easy. Players typically make 70-80 percent of their basketball ball shots, indicating that there is room for error. There have been NBA stars who have a poor free throw record (like Shaq and Lonzo Ball), while others have come up strong in those situations and have great records. (Like Steph Curry and Steve Nash) 

2 Free Throws 

A player is awarded 2 Free Throws if fouled in the act of shooting. Or in the NBA a player is awarded 2 Free Throws if the defensive team has committed too many fouls and is now in the bonus. In lower levels like high school, there is " 1 and 1 " Free throws. Meaning if they make the first Free Throw, they get a second Free Throw. 

 Shooting A Free Throw

3 Free Throws 

If you are fouled shooting a 3 point basket, you get three free throws. If you make the basketball, you get the 3 points and one additional free throw.