How Many People Are On A Basketball Team On The Court

5 Players Per Team

2 Teams for 10 Total Players on the court at one time. 

In the NBA, each team is allowed to carry a maximum of 15 total players on their active roster, while only being allowed to activate 13 players each game. Each team in the NBA has a G-League affiliate, which is a league for players who are either just coming into the league developing their skills, or not good enough for the NBA. The same rules apply, as they are allowed to carry 15 players while activating a maximum of 13 per game. The rosters of both the NBA roster and the G-League fluctuate relatively frequently, due to roster moves such as trades, call ups, and signings, meaning the number of players on each team may be different. 

Offense and Defense in Basketball

Even though there are 15 players per team in the NBA, most basketball rosters consist of only 5 are allowed on the court per team at a time and only 1 Basketball. A typical starting roster consists of

2 Guards: Point Guard & Shooting Guard (Think Steph Curry & Klay Thompson)
2 Forwards: Small Forward & Power Forward (Think LeBron James & Kevin Durant)
1 Center (Think Nikola Jokic)

Over the past few years, teams have been modifying the traditional lineup and sending out different types of players, such as a “small ball” lineup which is heavily offense oriented due to each player's small height. (Like what the warriors do with Draymond Green)
The guards on the team have the task of bringing the ball up the court, while the taller players guard the rim and grab the rebounds. On offense, plays are run through the point guard. He has many different plays to choose from, like passing to the center in the post or getting a screen and taking a 3 point shot.

All in all, offense in basketball is quite complicated and takes some getting used to to memorize the playbook. Defense, however, is simpler but requires communication. There are 2 types of defenses, zone and man. Man requires each player to guard another player, but can call for help or a switch if they are screened.

Zone defense assigns each defender to an area on the court, with guards on the perimeter and centers and forwards are in the paint and on the baseline. Common types of zone defenses are a 2-3 and a box and 1. 

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