How Long Is a Volleyball Game?

How Long Is a Volleyball Game?

Volleyball is a great sport to play with friends at any location, as this versatile game is able to be played indoors, outdoors, on the beach, or any other desirable setting. Another great thing about volleyball is there is no clock or time limit, a game between friends and family can last for hours. Although competitive and league games also don’t have a time limit, games end in about 60-120 minutes. This is because in volleyball, there are sets that each team must win in order to win the match. This means that the length of each volleyball game alters between each match, as the length is dependent on how long each set takes. The length of the game also relies on the skill of each player, as higher skilled players create more rallies, which extends the time played. 

How Many Sets Do You Play In Volleyball?

In younger and lesser skilled matches, you will typically see a best 2 of 3 style, meaning the first team to win 2 sets wins the match. In higher levels of play, a best 3 of 5 style is more common. In order to win a set, your team must score 25 points, and also be leading by 2. In the case of a tie breaking set (3rd game in best 2 of 3 and 5th in best 3 of 5), the winning team needs to score only 15 points opposed to the 25 in a normal set. Once again, the winning team needs to win the set by 2 or more points. In some cases, with evenly matched teams that go back and forth, they can extend the length of the game by continuously trading off points. The longest set of all time with the modern rules came in the men’s Korean League, with the Korean Air-Jumbos defeating Rush & Cash 56-54 in 2013. 

How Long Is A Volleyball match

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