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How Do You Spell Volleyball & Say Volleyball In Spanish?

How Do You Spell Volleyball & Say Volleyball In Spanish?

How to spell Volleyball correctly? American and British English spellings of names do have some minor differences. This is how the most common version of how is spelled. How do you spell Volleyball in English? Even familiar words are often spelled in the wrong way.

This name's correct English spelling is VOLLEYBALL.

VOLLEYBALL is separated into syllables: vol·​ley·​ball   

How to Say Volleyball in Spanish? 

English words for sports "volleyball" have been adapted to the Spanish orthographic rules, so they are easy to recognize. The infinitive phrase "to play volleyball" can be used as the subject of a sentence or after another conjugated verb or preposition.

Volleyball is said in Spanish as:


SpanishDict spells it as "voleibol" (no accent on the "o"), Duolingo spells it as "vóleibol" (accent on the "o"), and in Spanish worksheet spells it as "volibol" (no accents and no "e"). Which one is correct?

The Spanish version, if one exists, is not a machine translation of the English but a separate article written by Spanish-speaking contributors who will often include information that is more relevant to the Spanish-speaking world.

A lot of sport's names in Spanish are made out of what we call Anglicism’s. They are phonetic writing of the English word when there isn't a specific word or translation. Some linguists are very conservative about Spanish orthography and phonetics and claim that you should make English words more Spanish-like when translating, but it isn't something everyone agrees with. Volleyball, basketball, football, and many others are Anglicism’s in Spanish, so there isn't a strict rule on how to write it. All of the ones you mentioned would be good to use, but when in doubt, I would say (especially with the "balls" sports) use the English word; you will be understood either way.

It's a great place to practice your ability to read in Spanish.

Volleyball is a beautiful game, and talking about Volleyball in Spanish should now be easier for you after going through all these specialized terms in Spanish. Remember to practice them at home or in real-life conversations with native Spanish speakers so that you can introduce them slowly into your Spanish vocabulary.