(PRESALE)Cruelty-Free Official Football Ball Adult Size 9 | NFL, NCAA, High School | (ETA October 1st ETA

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(PRESALE)Cruelty-Free Official Football Ball Adult Size 9 | NFL, NCAA, High School | (ETA October 1st ETA
(PRESALE)Cruelty-Free Official Football Ball Adult Size 9 | NFL, NCAA, High School | (ETA October 1st ETA

October 1st Estimate Time of Arrival

Cruelty-Free Professional Football Size 9

This football from Eco Sports produced using only environmentally friendly products is now released in size 9. This is the ideal size for ages 14 and up, and can be used by both genders of all skill levels. Made with durable, textured, vegan leather, this ball guarantees endless amounts of fun while having the pleasure of knowing the environment is being preserved with these eco-friendly products. Most balls made out of real leather or PU leather are made from toxic chemicals and can cause respiratory issues amongst kids. Our balls use a  chemical free material instead. 

NCAA & High School Eco Friendly Football For Sale

Size 9 is the size of the football that is used in all leagues following youth football. Meaning that the best high school athletes in the country share the same football with Sunday flag football leagues with 60 year old men. There’s no better ball to use for both leagues than Eco Sports size 9, as it is long lasting and can be used in whatever desirable league. This ball is quite versatile, as it can be used on any playing surface, indoor or outdoor.

What Size Eco Football Do I Need For Ages 14 and Up?

The size 9 football is perfect for ages 14 and up, because it is built purposely to fit the hand of the player without slipping. However, Eco Sports takes the grip to a new level by adding the vegan leather, built with a non-slip grip that results in more effective passes and increased ball security. All in all, the Eco Sports size 9 football is the best football for ages 14 and up because the products are entirely eco-friendly while also ensuring a grip that allows the perfect spiral on each throw. 

Key features:

  • Environmentally friendly, manufactured with sustainable materials
  • Made WITHOUT toxic chemicals
  • High quality design and materials
  • Made with moisture resistant high quality vegan leather; suitable for inclement weather
  • Easy to grip texture and extruded laces for consistent throws and catches
  • Size 9 for high school age through adult
  • Durable, long-lasting construction and materials
  • Ideal for Grass, Turf, & Blacktop play
  • Marked with official Eco Sports logo
  • Shipped From California


Age Football Size Football Weight
Ages 9 and under

Size 5

10 ounces

Ages 10-12

Size 6

11 ounces

Ages 12-14

Size 7

12.5 ounces

Ages 14 & up

Size 9

14-15 ounces

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